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SERVICES & FEES - prices and fee structure quoted below are valid from 1st January 2013.

If you have written something that doesn't fit into our fee structure, we will come up with a plan to suit you. We are always very happy to talk to you about your writing at any stage and that will cost you nothing.

We accept submissions by email. If you prefer to send a paper copy and would like it returned, please include a SAE. We will give you all the details for payment and submission once we have decided on the right editing plan with you.


If you have not previously submitted your work to us, we recommend that you submit no more than 5000 to 7,500 words (or your first three chapters) for our Initial Review.

We suggest this for three reasons. First, any problems in the vital set-up of your plot and characters will affect the rest of the novel. Second, the opening will reveal any problems with your writing. If you address any issues that arise in the first three chapters and apply the editors’ suggestions to the rest of the novel, you'll be off to a flying start. Third, when you initially submit fiction to an agent, they will usually want to see the first three chapters.

We give a point by point assessment of all the principal elements and general observations and suggestions for improvement. This is designed for authors who have not previously submitted material.

  • £140 for a 5000 word submission
  • £15 per 1000 words over 5000 (7,500 words max)


Detailed assessment of all aspects of the manuscript.

  • £275 for 15,000 words
  • plus £3 per 1000 words thereafter
  • For example, a children's story of 15,000 words will cost £275
  • A novella of 30,000 words will cost £320
  • A Young Adult novel of 60,000 words will cost £410
  • A full length novel of 80,000 words will cost £470

In order to calculate the cost of your submission, subtract 15,000 from your total wordcount. Multiply the remaining word count by £3 per 1000 words. Add the initial fee of £275.


One to one development of your manuscript with an editor. This can take the form of phone calls, emails and personal meetings over an extended period. Each package is designed to meet your individual needs.

  • £50 per hour
  • Travelling / out of pocket expenses are charged at cost

NB: We always offer to meet clients for an initial discussion. The first hour of that meeting is free and without obligation.


If you have just started work on an idea - written a few pages, notes or an outline and want some initial feedback before going further, we will be very happy to look at it at this early stage.

  • £100 for up to 2,500 words

Spelling, punctuation and grammar


Point by point assessment of all the principal elements and line by line annotations on the manuscript.

  • £175 for up to 5,000 word submission.
  • £8 per 1000 words over 5000 (15,000 words max).

S, P & G

If you're looking to knock your manuscript into shape, we check through manuscripts for accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar. This includes making good text where the author does not have English as their first language. We will ask you to send in a few pages from which we will be able to quote accurately.

  • Generally £5 to £8 per 1000 words, but may be more or less depending on the standard of the submission.


We will help you write a strong and relevant query letter. Synopses are notoriously difficult to write and it's often very useful for authors to have help in making them sharp, compelling and concise.

  • £80 per submission

We do not charge for placing your work with agents. See our 'submitting to agents' page.


Submitting and selling non-fiction ideas works differently from fiction. It is common to sell non-fiction on the basis of a written proposal plus some sample material. Submissions to agents, therefore, need to contain a comprehensive synopsis/outline of your idea, why you are qualified, or well placed to write about it and an extract of your writing on the subject.

To include query letter, synopsis/outline and sample chapters.

  • £150 for a 5000 word submission
  • £8 per 1000 words (10,000 words max.)


Assessment of principal elements, assessment of premise, structure and market context.

  • £140 for a 3000 word submission
  • £5 per 1000 words over 3000.


Detailed assessment of principal elements, annotated script and assessment of premise, structure and market context.

NB: A properly formatted script runs to approximately 250 - 300 words per page.

  • £180 for a 60 page script
  • £2.00 per extra page
  • Example: a complete script of 120 pages will cost £300

Submitting your work

Please include an introductory paragraph telling us about you and your writing - what you have done and what you are currently aiming to achieve. Your introductory paragraph is very useful in tailoring the feedback we give you. Please include any specific questions or points you would like us to consider while reviewing.

Please email or call us before submitting.

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